Regional botanical garden project in the Peruvian Amazon started

Jana Horáčková, a PhD student and member of the TRIBE team, recently started the implementation of the project Conservation of Useful Plants and Traditional Knowledge in the Peruvian Amazon. The mission of the project, funded by The Czech Development Agency, is to establish the botanical garden, which will serve as a regional research centre for plant biodiversity. The living collection of Amazonian useful plants aims to contribute to public awareness of the importance of biological diversity and prevent erosion of traditional botanical knowledge. The project will provide opportunities for cooperation between national and international research institutions with the overall aim to preserve the biological and cultural diversity of the Amazonian region.

In the period 2010-2015 Jana was conducting long-term field research among the Cashinahua herbalists to investigate their traditional knowledge and use of medicinal plants. In 2017, with the financial support of Universidad Nacional Intercultural de la Amazonía, she started the garden of native medicinal plants, the preparatory phase of the present project. In total 2,400 seedlings of 190 plant species have been produced in that garden and were used as a basic source of plant material for the botanical garden in the vicinity of the Cashibococha Lake. The place is located near Pucallpa, the capital of the Ucayali Region. The Botanical Garden Cashibococha Association was founded to support the creation of the botanical garden in the frame of the recent project.

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