Research project in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Lukas Pawera, a PhD student and member of the TRIBE team has successfully finished a research project in West Sumatra, Indonesia. The project activities were closed by the final workshops for farmers and traditional food competition. The research findings related to agrobiodiversity and diet were socialized and shared with the communities and also with university students and local governments. The project produced three community materials for raising awareness and knowledge about the importance of local food plants for nutrition and health (1. community guidebook, 2. community poster, 3. policy brief).
In the current phase, a detailed data analysis is being performed and scientific contributions are being developed. The project has been implemented in close cooperation with IPB Bogor (Faculty of Human Ecology, Faculty of Forestry), Andalas University (Faculty of Medicine), and Swisscontact Indonesia. Additional inputs were also provided by Bioversity International and CIFOR. The project was supported financially by ALFABET mobility and by NHF Foundation.

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