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Team news

New paper published! Modelling and development of technological processes for low rank coal bio-utilization on the example of brown coal

In this paper, we describe research into the biochemical processes of brown coal treatment. s. The modified biochemical model was formed from a complex biological treatment of low-rank coals with an added cycle of aerobic conversion and the process of converting a sulphur compound under anaerobic conditions, as well as a number of ecological-trophic groups of microorganisms.

Dr. Hynek Roubík – second youngest member of the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Hynek Roubík (Group leader of our Biogas Research Team) has been appointed as member of the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Visit from Sumy State University (Dr. Roman Vaskin and Dr. Iryna Vaskina)

As follow-up of our project “Support of young university capacity in education and research and science activities in Ukraine” supported by Czech Republic Development Cooperation two scientists from Ukraine visited our Biogas Research Team.

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