The International Student Centre (FTA)

The International Student Centre (FTA) is part of the Multicultural Centre where FTA students provide student to student services:

1) support for incoming and new students - Student Ambassadors

2) study support for current students - Study Counsellors

3) career opportunities in the EU - EU Career Ambassador


1.  Student Ambassadors

We are a diverse group of current students at FTA with an incredible passion to share our personal experiences with future and new students. Find more info about us HERE.

Are you coming to study at FTA? Do you need any advice from current international students? Just write us, your questions will be answered by our team of students 

Please note that for the official information you have to follow Admission and Study Administration Office for full-time studies at FTA and International Relations Office for Erasmus+ and short-term mobilities.

  • Stay updated and know when our events are coming your way– register your email here!
  • Our team: Ginny (Canada), ICARD - Head of Student Ambassadors; Safiyya (Zimbabwe), ICARD; Barbora (Czech Republic), ASRD; Jonathan (Germany), ICARD; Marek (Czech Republic), SRD;  Peter (USA); Jignesh (India), TABM; Hajra (Pakistan), TABM; Sarah (Czech Republic), ICARD; Sarah (Great Britain), WLPMC; Evans Twum (Ghana), TFA; Thoniso (Zambia), WLPMC; George Besong (Cameroon), ASRD

  • Student Ambassadors cooperate with: 

Do you want to cooperate with Student Ambassadors? Let us know at 

2. Study Counsellors

We provide study support services to help you get the most out of your learning experience.

  • Student-run buddying and mentoring
  • Please find all information and contacts HERE.

3. EU Career Ambassador

A project called EU Careers has been established in order to raise awareness of career opportunities in the EU among students and university graduates.

  • Contact person: a doctoral student Ing. Lucie Dostalíková
  • Are you interested in learning more about EU Careers CZU? Follow the Facebook link!

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