Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassadors consist of fellow students who are studying at the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences (FTA) dedicated to facilitating a smooth transition for new students and fostering a welcoming environment within the faculty. 


Who Are We? 

We are a diverse group of current FTA students with a passion to share our personal experiences with incoming students. We work closely with the faculty to organize events and content that enhance the overall spirit of the faculty. 


Our Team:

  • Jignesh (India) - Head of Student Ambassadors
  • Mataa (Zambia) - Co-Head of Student Ambassadors
  • Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
  • Adam (Czech Republic)
  • Barbora (Czech Republic)
  • Borkot (Bangladesh)
  • David (Nigeria)
  • Hajra (Pakistan)
  • Marek (Czech Republic)
  • Nkaka (Zambia)
  • Nozima (Uzbekistan)
  • Yaliwe (Zambia)
  • Kural (India) 


Are you coming to study at FTA  Do you need any advice from current international students?  


If you want to stay updated, you can:  


What Student Ambassadors did? 

Welcome course for new students, SWAPs, Learn and Discuss Series, Art Exhibition, Christmas/Spring evenings, trips, game nights and much more. 


Interested in becoming a Student Ambassador?  

The role of a student ambassador is volunteering position at FTA which requires a commitment of time, energy, and enthusiasm. This prestigious group of students represents the faculty in various settings and demonstrates leadership and professionalism.  


Why become a Student Ambassador?

Student ambassadors develop a wide range of skills in leadership, communication, marketing and public relations. These skills, along with community involvement and service are factors that employers look for on resumes and applications. This diverse group of student leaders earn certificates and letters of recommendation and gain skills that will further their future education and career goals. 

We expect you to:  

  • Help incoming students (online and in person). 
  • Cooperate with faculty management (especially PR). 
  • To attend meetings and participate in events organized by the team. 
  • To attend to assigned tasks with due diligence and respecting the deadlines. 
  • Participate in monthly student ambassador meetings. 


Do you want to cooperate with Student Ambassadors? Let us know at

Please note that for the official information you have to follow Admission and Study Administration Office for full-time studies at FTA and International Relations Office for Erasmus+ and short-term mobilities. 


Your FTA adventure begins with us! We are open to all ideas and propose new activities! 



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