Zbyněk Polesný, the leader of TRIBE team, joined the Editorial Board of Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution

Zbyněk Polesný, the leader of The Tropical Botany and Ethnobiology Lab (TRIBE), has been appointed to the editorial board of the Springer journal Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution (IF 2.0, Q2 in Agronomy, Q3 in Plant Sciences) as an associate editor.

Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution covers all aspects of plant genetic resources research with original articles in taxonomical, morphological, physiological, biochemical, genetic, cytological or ethnobotanical research on genetic resources and includes contributions to gene bank management: collecting, maintenance, evaluation, storage and documentation.

Areas of interest include crop evolution, domestication, crop-weed relationships, agrobiodiversity related wild species and the history of cultivated plants including palaeoethnobotany.

The journal also presents short communications on such topics as newly described crop taxa, nomenclatural notes, reports of collecting missions, and evaluation results of gene bank material, as well as book reviews of important publications in the field of genetic resources.

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