Will we suffocate in waste or are there other solutions?

Dr. Hynek Roubík (Group leader of Biogas Research Team) was among panelists in discussion with topic of: Will we suffocate in waste or are there other solutions?”. 


The panel discussion was main event of first day of Life Sciences Film Festival (http://lsff.cz/?lang=en), as the first day (under patronage of Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences) was mainly focused on waste management, zero-waste / circular economy, supporting UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 on Responsible Production and Consumption.

Among other panellists were:

Ing. Jaromír Manhart (Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, director of Department of Waste)

Ing. Michal Šyc, Ph.D. (Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v.v.i.; head of Department of Environmental Engineering)

Mgr. Tomáš Tožička (Educon)


There were different topics discussed, however the significant part of discussion was focused on production of waste, its redistribution as well as implications for developing countries.

The Life Sciences Film Festival is Festival of Documentary Films on Natural and Agricultural Sciences and Sustainable Development.

Since 2010, it has presents every year over 150 documentaries from all over the world on natural sciences in connection with agricultural and food production. It has particular interest in topics that go beyond issues of sustainability, social impact and quality of life. It connects related and seemingly unrelated fields of science. During the festival, a number of discussions, lectures and demonstrations of introducing the presented topics into practice take place.

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