WMC Research areas

Bioacoustics and small mammals

Irena Scheiderová

My research activities mostly focus on acoustic communication of various small mammals (e.g., rodents, insectivores, primates or marsupials) and include free-living populations as well as populations in human care.

Aridlands conservation challenges

Karolína Brandlová & Pavla Hejcmanová

Living in the harsh habitat, large mammals have specific adaptations but also are facing specific threats. We aim to understand them by comparing different sites with similar habitat characteristics (all dry) and getting inspired on the conservation measures across regions.

Wildlife monitoring and habitat assessment techniques

Karolína Brandlová & Pavla Hejcmanová

What is the species diversity and abundance in a given area? What are their habitat requirements and do they only occur in protected area or rather outside? Those are the first questions of wildlife managers to be answered and analysed before any decision is taken. We provide the answers, using the best possible technologies, from camera-traps to drones and applying the advanced modelling approach to increase our understanding of natural processes.

Ex-situ breeding management

Karolína Brandlová & Pavla Hejcmanová

We explore various ex-situ breeding management approaches in different environments, in zoos, in fenced nature reserves and game parks, and on islands.

Ecology of large mammals of West African savannah

Karolína Brandlová & Pavla Hejcmanová

What are the main constraints limiting antelope and giraffe of Western Africa to thrive, both in the protected areas and outside them?

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