Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) Conference 2020


Ebenezer Donkor participated and did an oral presentation on his research topic “Economic impact of members’ commitment to rice cooperatives in Western Zambia”. The 2020 ELLS conference was for the first time organized virtually through Zoom on the 20th to 21st November due to the covid 19 pandemic by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria. The 2020 ELLS conference was themed as “The Word of Tomorrow, a Green and Sustainable Environment” which comprised of 4 sub-themes: Green Innovation and Circular Economy; Rural and Urban Development for Thriving economies; Food and Health for the Next Generation; and Innovation in Life Sciences. The target audience were first-year PhD, MSc, and BSc students. Ebenezer’s research was scheduled as part of Socio-economic innovations in urban and rural areas under the sub-theme of Innovation in Life Sciences. At the end of the conference, there were also presented awards for the best poster and oral presentation and Ebenezer got a 3rd place award in the sub-theme “Innovation in Life Sciences”

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