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Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) Conference 2020

Ebenezer Donkor participated and did an oral presentation on his research topic “Economic impact of members’ commitment to rice cooperatives in Western Zambia”. The 2020 ELLS conference was for the first time organised virtually through Zoom on the 20th to 21st November

Data Collection in Central Mongolia

As part of the objectives of the analysis of the economic performance of small farmers in transition countries, a team of researchers from the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague and the Mongolia University of Life Sciences carried

Cooperative Team Data Collection and Internship in Western Zambia

On the 25th August 2019, the students under cooperative research group with support from the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences visited Zambia. The visit aimed at cooperative research data collection on social and economic aspects of members commitment to agricultural marketing cooperatives in the Western part of Zambia. 

International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) CCR European Research Conference 2019

The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) CCR European Research in collaboration with German council for cooperatives organised a three-day conference entitled “Cooperatives and the Transformation of Business and Society” on 21-23 August 2019 Berlin Germany. Participants of the event were mainly scholars, students, representatives of cooperatives, policy makers and other stakeholders.

Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO) Conference 2019

The Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO) in collaboration with the World Bank Group (Agriculture) organised a three-day conference dubbed “Small farms in transition: How to stimulate inclusive growth?”

Visit of Master’s students to Cooperative Association and Museum of Cooperatives in the Czech Republic

On 8th of January 2018, the group of Master’s students from the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences accompanied by Jiří Hejkrlík visited the Cooperative Association of the Czech Republic in Prague.

Participation at the International Cooperative Alliance Research Conference 2018 in Wegeningen, Netherlands

The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) in collaboration with the Dutch Council for Cooperative organised a three-day European Research Conference dubbed “Cooperatives in a rapidly changing world: innovation in enterprise and community” on 4-6 July 2018 at Wageningen, Netherlands. Participants were mainly students, scholars, representatives of cooperatives, policy makers and other stakeholders

Team of FTA and local students collect data in Georgia

With the main objective of analysing the Economic and Social Performance of Newly Created Farmers’ Groups in the European Union’s Eastern Partnership, a team of five members from the Czech University of Life Sciences 

ELLS Conference

Cristina Conea presented at the ELLS conference via poster her presentation of the research “What factors influence better market access among collective action of small farmers in Moldova?

Data Collection in Moldova

From 25th of October 2018 for the period of three weeks the members of the Cooperative Research Group were involved in data collection in Moldova. The target respondents were agricultural cooperatives and individual farmers in the whole country. Cristina Conea, as a main coordinator, was present at data collection in site for the two weeks; for the last week data were collected by two trained consultants from the partner university - State Agrarian University of Moldova in Chisinau (SAUM) and two additional enumerators. In total 205 questionnaires were collected from cooperative members and the control group of non-members.

Staff team from FTA and FAFNR, is helping with three development projects in Zambia

Staff team from CULS Prague, FTA and FAFNR, is helping with implementation of three development projects funded by the Czech Development Agency, in cooperation with Caritas Czech Republic, University of Barotseland,

Cashews farming in Kenya

Our students (Veronika Kristufova and Winnifred Okpo) are collecting data for their thesis. Here are their greetings from Kenya:

Student's field research in Ukraine

Student's field research called "Agri-Cooperatives and Institutions for Rural Development" is still ongoing in Sumy, Ukraine.

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