Participation in Tropentag 2020 Virtual Conference

Our team participated in this year’s Tropentag conference (The annual interdisciplinary conference on research in tropical and subtropical agriculture, natural resource management and rural development).

This year, the conference was organized online, and it was a pleasure to see our team’s members joining other participants and getting engaged in the discussion of issues related to agricultural and rural development research.

In Tropentag 2020, we participated with two oral presentations and eight posters, you can see the full list of our participants below:

Oral Presentations:

Asheri Nathalie, “Factors that Influence Farmers' Perception of the Causes and Indicators of Land Degradation in Cameroon.” Abstract Link.

Ibrahim Salman, “The Intention of Syrian Youth to Work in Agriculture: Exploring the Drivers.” Abstract Link.

Poster Presentations:

Bernard Kwamena Cobbina Essel, “Rural Entrepreneurship: Motives and Barriers to Small Business in Ghana: A Gender Analysis.”. Abstract Link. Poster Download.

Giri Prasad Kandel, “Effects of Climate Change on Food Security of Smallholder Farmers in Nepal and on Migration.” Abstract Link. Poster Download.

Irene Franceline Mbouwe, “Stakeholders and Marketing Analysis of African Nutmeg (Monodora myristica) in Cameroon.” Abstract Link. Poster Download.

Lenka Hofierková, “The Prestige of Farmer Occupations Perceived By Russian Youth: The Case of Altai Krai.” Abstract Link. Poster Download.

Mustapha Yakubu Madaki, “Female Farmers’ Participation in Off-farm Activities and their Determinants in Rural Bauchi State, Nigeria”. Abstract Link. Poster Download.

Phuong Anh Nguyen, “Adaptation to Climate Change by Smallholder Coffee Farmers in the Central Highland of Vietnam.” Abstract Link. Poster Download.

Pius Nnahiwe, “The Role of Extension and Famer Groups in Adopting Agricultural Technologies.” Abstract Link. Poster Download.

Steffen Münch, “Climate Change Adaptation of Smallholder Tea Farmers in Ilam, Nepal.” Abstract Link. Poster Download.


Also, all the sessions were recorded by the conference organizers and are available via this link.

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