COST Project Webinar 20.07.2020, 3 pm by Miroslava Bavorová

Our group leader, Assoc. prof. Miroslava Bavorová presented a webinar within the COST Action: CA18213 webinars series.

The webinar is titled “The perceived prestige of agricultural occupations among youth”, and here is the abstract:

Low prestige of agricultural occupations may result in low interest of youth to work in agriculture. This contributes to the lack of labour in agriculture and to rural-urban migration, problems prevalent worldwide. Not much research has been done to understand the perceived prestige of agricultural occupations. To close this gap, in the project presented, we investigate the occupational prestige level of agriculture-related occupations relatively to other occupations as perceived by youth. We will present a survey results from the Altai Krai in russian Siberia based on a sample of 350 students collected in 2018.

The webinar recording is available via this link.

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