Nejlepší učitel FTZ 2015/16 je již znám

Based on the opinion of FTA students for following categories:

  • teacher, who uses the most participatory teaching methods
  • teacher, who is the friendliest to students
  • teacher, who taught you the most new skills and knowledge
  • teacher, who provides the most useful teaching support materials

The best teacher of the year is Ing. Jiří Hejkrlík, Ph.D. from Department of Economics and Development.

The overall scores are:

 Name  Total number of votes
 Hejkrlík Jiří, Ing. Ph.D.  46
 Verner Vladimír, Ing. Ph.D.  40
 Mazancová Jana, Ing. Ph.D.  38
 Kandakov Alexandr, Ing. Ph.D.  35
 Viehmannová Iva, Ing. Ph.D.   24
 Hejcmanová Pavla, prof. RNDr. Ph.D.  23
 Ivanova Tatiana, Ing. Ph.D.  22
 Lojka Bohdan, doc. Ing. Ph.D.  22
 Hes Tomáš, Ing. Ph.D.  20
 Kokoška Ladislav, prof. Ing. Ph.D.  18
 Fedorova Tamara, Ing. Ph.D.  15
 Rušarová Kristina, Ing. Ph.D.  10


The best teachers from all CZU faculties were announced during the ceremony in the Ceremonial hall on Wednesday 30th. Congratulation!


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