EAZA - Population Biologist and an Assistant Population Biologist

EAZA, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, represents and links more than 400 zoos, aquariums, national federations and other organisations in 48 countries. In addition to furthering the professional standards of our Members with regard to the care and accommodation of the animals kept in their collections, EAZA also facilitates cooperation in our key mission areas of conservation, education and research. More than 140 million visits are made to EAZA Members each year. EAZA runs around 400 population management programmes (EEPs and ESBs) that are overseen by 42 EAZA Taxon Advisory Groups (TAGs) and is in an exciting transition phase towards implementing our new population management structure.

Information about position Population biologist can be found HERE.

Information about position Assistant Population Biologist can be found HERE.

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