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New Zealand Dairy Careers offers twelve month Live, Learn and Earn programme in New Zealand for students and/or graduates (see online brochure).
Our objective is to provide candidates with a one-year placement to encompass all facets of working on a New Zealand dairy farm. We assist students to gain industry-recognised qualifications and provide invaluable practical experience while they enjoy full pay rates. We thrive on preparing students for a successful career in dairy farming which, can be applied in their own country, New Zealand or anywhere else in the world. We are always striving to provide the best experience and education package for our international students. This is achieved by bringing together top NZ farmers, modern training resources, together with reliable training agencies to form a structured vocational programme.

Applications are taken all year round with placements available throughout the year, which means we can provide the flexibility to work around exams or any other commitments your students may have. Once an application has been received and processed, a representative will contact the applicant by phone or Skype. If successful, a place will be offered on the programme which will be secured by a deposit while we make the necessary arrangements. We take the stress out of moving country by working with students to obtain a visa, and organise accommodation, education registration, and farm placements, as well as providing full pastoral care. This programme is supported by the New Zealand Immigration Service and includes a working holiday visa or a one-year work permit which is included in the total fee.

The whole process usually takes around one month to complete.We do understand how exciting, but unsettling, moving country can be for our international students and offer the very best in pastoral care. Our solid reputation in the international farming industry has accumulated, not only from years of experience providing industry recognised qualifications and experience but also, our ability to maintain extremely high levels of pastoral care.

Please click HERE to hear from our students and farm managers about their experience with New Zealand Dairy Careers.

The literary component of learning is delivered via a classroom with the practical learning being delivered one full day a month, plus one evening a month (as well as on farm days). There will also be homework, regular meetings and forums with industry speakers. Our training reflects the seasonality of the industry which provides a continuous learning environment whereby new skills can be implemented and practiced on the farm straight away. The timing of the programme is tailored around each individual student's commitments and a Training and Development Manager is allocated to assist with goal setting and keeping on track. We have a vast network of Industry experts at our disposal who can offer extra guidance, support, and motivation as required.


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