Call for papers - "Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Climate Change"

Call for papers for Special Issue on: "Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Climate Change" with Dr. Hynek Roubík (Group leader of our Biogas Research Team) acting as Guest Editor in the International Journal of Global Energy Issues journal.

Subject Coverage

Suitable topics include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Environmental technologies for energy efficiency
  • Economic instruments for energy efficiency promotion and climate change mitigation
  • Renewable energy for sustainable development
  • Governmental regulation of energy efficiency issues
  • Energy efficient re-structuring and re-engineering
  • Energy efficiency and CO2 emissions
  • Synergetic effects and environmental conflicts
  • Self-organisation of economic and natural systems
  • Decision-making and decision support systems for energy efficiency
  • Energy inequalities and sustainable development
  • Energy conservation, buildings, transportation

All papers must be submitted online. To submit a paper, please read our Submitting articles page.

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