e-Competition: your Research your Story!

As a student, the ability to create a succinct yet compelling narrative about your work is an invaluable skill. By effectively translating complex/technical research into accessible language, you can better inform, educate, and inspire your audience. Especially in these uncertain times of COVID-19 where there is not much opportunity to talk about your research face-to-face. Sharing your research story through blogs and social media is a creative way to keep colleagues, friends, family, and the general audience informed about your research.

Whether it is at a virtual event, professional conference, a graduate/professional school interview, a casual dinner with friends, or any situation in between, being able to share your research as an interactive story that peaks the audience interest is a skill every student must have!  

To further encourage students to share their research story, YPARD in collaboration with AGRINATURA have developed a friendly Research Story e-Competition entitled ‘your Research your Story!’ This event is meant to help students to have a better sense of ownership of their research and to communicate the most important parts of their research in a creative easy to read storytelling way.

All information can be found HERE.

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