IHC2022: Call for Abstracts - Symposium S5:

XXXI International Horticultural Congress - #IHC2022
August 14-20, 2022 - Angers, France - www.ihc2022.org

Symposium S5: International Symposium on Innovations in Ornamentals: from Breeding to Market
VIII International Symposium on Rose Research and Cultivation

For symposium details and to submit your abstract go to: https://www.ihc2022.org/symposia/s5-innovations-in-ornamentals-from-breeding-to-market/

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Abstract submission deadline: 15 November 2021


  • Johan Van Huylenbroeck, ILVO, Belgium: Scientific Director at the Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO), Plant Sciences Unit, Belgium. The group combines strong competences in ornamental plant breeding and genetics, ecophysiology and crop protection.
  • Fabrice Foucher, Inrae, France: Senior scientist at Inrae in Angers, he is group leader of the « Genetics and Diversity of Ornamental plants » teams at IRHS (Institute of Research in Horticulture and Seeds). He is a specialist of genetics and genomics of rose and has made significant contribution on blooming in rose and has coordinated the rose genome sequencing.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Richard Visser, Wageningen University, The Netherlands: Genomics and computer assisted breeding: fact or fiction to arrive at sustainable resilient ornamental crop production
  • Peter J Batt, Peter J Batt and Associates, Australia: Gaining a greater understanding of the trends shaping the consumer demand for ornamental plants
  • Marta Pizano, Consultant and Director Hortitecnia, Colombia: Innovation and sustainability in South American floriculture

Scientific Committee Members:

  • Rodrigo Barba-Gonzalez , Mexico ; Peter Batt, Australia ; Margherita Beruto, Italy ; Jeong Byoung Ryong , Republic of Korea ; Fisun Çelikel, Turkey ; Lakshman Chandra De, India ; Rina Kamenetsky, Israel ; Lim Ki-Byung, Republic of Korea ; Sabine Lorente, Netherlands ; Leo Marcelis, Netherlands ; Eduardo Olate, UK ; Teresa Orlikowska, Poland ; Marta Pizano de Marquez, Colombia ; Alicia Rihn, USA ; Traud Winkelmann, Germany ; Xiuxin Zhang, China

Call for abstracts
The symposium on innovation in ornamentals: from breeding to markers will be organised conjointly with the 8th International Symposium on Rose Research and Cultivation.
Furthermore a common session will be organised with the S7 symposium (II international symposium on greener cities: improving ecosystem services in a climate-changing world - Greencities2022).
In a world of transitions, the ornamental sector has to face important challenges as global climate change, reduction of chemical uses through development of sustainable production and urbanization with larger cities. Today, ornamentals plants are not solely used as plants to decorate gardens or houses, but they provide increasingly important other services.
This symposium will cover various levels of innovations for the sustainability of the ornamental sector regarding plants and products, sustainable production systems, breeding and propagation methods in production context, marketing strategies of ornamentals, market development, new uses (between aesthetic, well-being, food use and ecosystem services and postharvest quality). In particular, a core challenge is how to address the market evolutions for ornamental plants in urban context and how to adapt ornamental plants to these new requirements.

The following topics will be developed during this symposium:

  • Ecosystem services and alternative uses of ornamental plants: Innovations in ornamental plant breeding and production methods related to the use of ornamentals in ecosystem services (impact on environment and human health), in horticultural therapy, as remedy against air pollution or contamination of water and soil and for extraction of active ingredients and/or phytotherapeutic /nutraceutical uses.
  • Healthy ornamental plants and sustainable production systems: propagation and sustainable production systems will be considered. The sustainability will concern aspects related to the impact on the environment (i.e. use of biostimulants) and human health but also to the economic sustainability of the entire production chain.
  • Pre-harvest conditions affecting the final product quality: In this section, the effects of plant nutrition, cultivation conditions, climate changes and genetics on crop physiology, quality, storability and shelf life will be discussed for the ornamental plants. Indeed, these aspects are seldom faced but of great interest for providing the end-consumer with a satisfactory product.
  • From production to market: In this section, new approaches to commercialize the ornamental products and to improve the market will be discussed. The smart digital ornamental chain will be considered.
  • The proposed symposium aims at encouraging the reflection on these aspects, enhancing the holistic approach in which different professionals can interact and through the presentation of case-studies where the positive or negative impact will be outlined under innovative, scientific and inter-disciplinary approaches. The interaction with people from industry, landscape designers and architects will help to understand to which extent the incorporation of ornamental plants in their workplace and their working process is satisfactory and how this could be implemented in the future organizations.
  • Common session with the S7 symposium (II international symposium on greener cities: improving ecosystem services in a climate-changing world - Greencities2022): Plants provide more and more ecosystem services and their uses are more and more diverse: air pollution, human health, noise reduction, biodiversity, temperature regulation… How can the ornamental sector contribute to greener cities? How to adapt plants or select plants suitable for the urban environment? These questions are important issues which are shared by both S5 and S7 symposia. Therefore, we propose to hold a common session on ecosystem services and multi-functionality. We want to cross the points of view of actors of the ornamental sector and actors involved in the development of greener cities and to address issues such as breeding, production and market.

If you need help with your abstract please contact:

Discover the full program of 25 IHC2022 symposia at https://www.ihc2022.org/scientific-program/symposia/ each symposium covering a theme open to original results, innovative methods and multidisciplinary cross-cutting views.

The 25 IHC2022 Symposia are:

  • S1: Breeding and Effective Use of Biotechnology and Molecular Tools in Horticultural Crops
  • S2: Conservation and Sustainable Use of Horticultural Genetic Resources
  • S3: Quality Seeds and Transplants for Horticultural Crops and Restorative Species
  • S4: In Vitro Technology and Micropropagated Plants
  • S5: Innovations in Ornamentals: from Breeding to Market
  • S6: Innovative Technologies and Production Strategies for Sustainable Controlled Environment Horticulture
  • S7: II International Symposium on Greener Cities: Improving Ecosystem Services in a Climate-Changing World (GreenCities2022)
  • S8: Advances in Vertical Farming
  • S9: Urban Horticulture for Sustainable Food Security (UrbanFood2022)
  • S10: Value Adding and Innovation Management in the Horticultural Sector
  • S11: Adaptation of Horticultural Plants to Abiotic Stresses
  • S12: Water: a Worldwide Challenge for Horticulture!
  • S13: Plant Nutrition, Fertilization, Soil Management
  • S14: Sustainable Control of Pests and Diseases
  • S15: Agroecology and System Approach for Sustainable and Resilient Horticultural Production
  • S16: Innovative Perennial Crops Management
  • S17: Integrative Approaches to Product Quality in Fruits and Vegetables
  • S18: III International Symposium on Mechanization, Precision Horticulture, and Robotics: Precision and Digital Horticulture in Field Environments
  • S19: Advances in Berry Crops
  • S20: The Vitivinicultural Sector: Which Tools to Face Current Challenges?
  • S21: XII International Symposium on Banana: Celebrating Banana Organic Production
  • S22: Natural Colorants from Plants
  • S23: Post-harvest Technologies to Reduce Food Losses
  • S24: IX International Symposium on Human Health Effects of Fruits and Vegetables - FAVHEALTH2022
  • S25: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Domestication, Breeding, Cultivation and New Perspectives

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