Postdoc at SLU: genetic regulation of seed storage compounds in Pisum sativum

Department of Plant Breeding

The Department of Plant Breeding conducts research, education and innovation work of strategic importance for society's long-term supply of food, industrial raw materials and energy, and to meet an increasing need for raw materials and at the same time make plant production increasingly environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Together, we help expand the knowledge that helps develop society in a sustainable direction. We develop the crops of the future together with growers and industry, thereby contributing to what is on consumers' plates of tomorrow. We are a workplace that is growing in size and has a sizeable international breadth among our employees

The position is funded within “SLU Grogrund” which is a national competence center for Swedish plant breeding. The establishment of SLU Grogrund was a government decision set out in SLU’s appropriation directions for the year 2018.


The SLU Grogrund projects address current questions that are called for by the Swedish breeding industry. Pea (Pisum sativum) is becoming increasingly important as a source of green protein for food products for the domestic market. A successful candidate is expected to help answer scientific questions on how genotype influences the quality of peas regarding seed composition with effects on taste, cookability and anti-nutritional agents and what underlies tolerance to water logging and drought in different pea genotypes. The work will be conducted by hands-on activities in the lab (molecular and biochemical analyses), greenhouse and possible in field on target the crop. Additional duties may include student supervision and other minor tasks to support the department.

All information about the position can be found HERE.

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