Field work in Punjab, Pakistan

Collection of field data commenced in 2019, by doctoral student MSc. Muhammad Ali Mian, to assess the factors affecting the health status of sheep and goats for production purposes in Pakistan. In combination with this, the socio-economic characteristic of small-scale livestock farmers in three selected regions within Pakistan were evaluated. The research project not only focuses on monitoring the socio-economic characteristic of small-scale livestock farmers, but also on obtaining information about animal production performance on breeding farms (live birth weight of lambs, weight after 100 days, and weight at slaughter) and health parameters related to animal husbandry (feeding systems, grazing practices, housing facilities, health preventions and veterinary measures, deworming and vaccination schedules). As part of this collaborative effort with Pir Mehar Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University (Rawalpindi Islamabad, Punjab, Pakistan) and Prof. Daniela Lukešová and MSc. Muhammad Ali Mian from the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences (CZU Prague), specialists will visit the Animal Physiology and Behaviour Research Team in the Czech Republic and look forward to presenting their preliminary results at Tropentag conference.

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