Team news

Dr. Francisco Ceacero from FTA became a guest editor in journal Symmetry

Dear colleagues, It is my pleasure to invite you for contributions to a new special issue of the journal Symmetry (JIF=2.645, Q2 in Multidisciplinary Sciences) with the topic “Fluctuating Asymmetry in Ungulates”, for which I will be guest editor together with Dr. Roberta Chirichella from the University of Sassari, Italy.

Daddy, daddy cool – new research on stallion-foal relationships in Exmoor ponies.

Paternal behaviour of stallions was revealed in the study of our team members in collaboration with colleagues from the University of South Bohemia, which was recently published in the prestigious journal Animal Cognition

Field work on Aruba

In 2018 researchers Prof. Daniela Lukešová and Dr. Jiří Černý from Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences (CZU Prague)initiated field work on Aruba in the Caribbean Sea, focusing their study area to the surrounding districts of Oranjestad

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