EU-funded Research and Innovation Action kicks-off: Utilising private capital and space technology to protect biodiversity

The recently launched BIO-CAPITAL project contributes to the development of financial tools that protect biodiversity by linking private capital investments and Earth observation data from space.

Linking aquaculture and small-scale biogas technology in Zambia

The Project 'Through Biogas Technology to Increase the Resilience of Communities in the Western Province of Zambia' unlocks unlimited potential. In Zambia, the population is faced with the unavailability and scarcity of energy resources, and most people depend on unsustainable energy practices. The responsibility for collecting traditional resources (charcoal, firewood) is, in most cases, borne by women and girls who often cannot devote themselves to education and/or other self-realisation activities. 

Grafted plants have bloomed in the garden of the Belgian Embassy in Morocco, symbolising the intimate connection between North and South

Patrick Van Damme is not only one of the leading experts on tropical agriculture and ethnobotany, but he is also one of the few foreign scientists to head a Czech academic institution, as Dean of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences at the Czech University of Life Sciences where his mandate started in April 2021. During his time at Ghent University, he and his then-assistant Emiel were asked by the well-known Belgian artist Eric van Hove to collaborate on the decoration of the garden of the new Belgian embassy in Morocco.  

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