PhD scholarship in ecology of soil-plant interactions in tropical grasslands

3-year PhD position carrying out greenhouse experiments in Norway and field research in Ethiopia; Deadline: 14.03.2021

Promising healing effects of local Samoan nutmegs revealed: antimicrobial + anticancer

A team of international scientists from CZU, led by Prof. Ladislav Kokoška working with Samoan Ph.D. student Julian Wong Soon from Osaka University found healing effects of two local species of Samoan nutmeg (Myristica hypargyraea and Myristica inutilis) against staphylococcus aureus and colon cancer cells.

Virtual Global Farmer Innovation Fair 10-11 Feb 2021

On 10–11 February 2021, Prolinnova and A Growing Culture (AGC) will celebrate small-scale family farmers through the global Farmer Innovation Fair (FIF). This virtual event will give men and women farmers in Africa and Asia a chance to showcase their innovations and to learn about the activities of others in local innovation and farmer-led Participatory Innovation Development (PID). 

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