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Summer School in Cambodia

The Summer School for someone it could sound scary. Why should anyone volunteer to look for school-related activities during the summer? Well, maybe because you can get something your classmates do not get. You can get new knowledge, new enjoyment and new experiences because summer school is definitely not just about lecturing.


When I decided to attend the summer school, I had great expectations. It was my first trip to the development area. I am interested in development areas me for a long time. But how can something theoretical fulfil your life without having real experience? So, the decision came - Summer School. It was a decisive moment for me. Development regions could have disappointed me and changed my attitude. That would change my focus a lot. But Cambodia has surprised my expectations, and my interest in developing regions has even strengthened.


But at the beginning was an interview. The interview at the summer school was my first English interview. I found out if I'm nervous I am not able to speak English. And that's a super finding because now I know I have to work and improve it. So, my motivation to attend summer school was even greater. Before I got the results of the interview, I sometimes had doubts. I did not know if I was ready for such a trip if it was not too much for me. But as soon as I learned I was flying, nothing stopped me. The marathon of discovery, arranging, calling, shopping and preparing began. And suddenly I found out that it was a few days before departure, and I have no sign of fear or doubt. This complete process of preparation has brought me an extremely valuable experience, and from every matter, I have done, I feel more confident.


First, we were going to Vietnam where we spent almost two great weeks. But we were just tourists and nothing more. This was slightly different in Cambodia. We got local friends with whom we had classes. The content of the classes was, at least for me, very interesting. I have never needed to adopt a procedure for scientific work. Now I'm preparing for diploma thesis, so this knowledge I really appreciate.


Our Khmer have gradually become our friends, every day we had lunch together, and Khmer friend have always been explained what we eat, and they enjoyed it. It is true that after a few days when the answer was "fish, vegetables and rice", there was no need to explain it anymore, but it tasted differently and great every time. Together with local coffee or green tea, I cannot imagine a more delicious lunch.


During the summer school, we all knew each other quite well, because we did a lot of group work. We also conducted a questionnaire survey in the streets in the international groups. This questionnaire we evaluated and processed the results in the presentation. This international cooperation has not always been the easiest. But that was the benefit of the group work. We learned mutual patience and understanding, and at the end, everyone did a great teamwork. 


And as you know, no student life can be without a party. And how is the party in the Cambodian club with Khmer people, who are in a club for the first time? Absolutely amazing! But find out for yourself.

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