Hofierková Lenka

Summer School in Cambodia

In 2017, I decided to apply for Summer School in Cambodia organized by the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague in cooperation with the Royal University of Agriculture in Phnom Penh. An interview in English was the first step to go through the admission procedure. The interview itself was a challenge and a great experience at the same time for me since I have never attended an interview in English before.

Nevertheless, the interview did not stop me because  English language improvement was one of my main motivations to attend Summer School.

Besides mentioned language improvement, I expected I will get knowledge in academic writing because the topic of Summer School was Scientific work "step by step". In the beginning, experts from the field gave us theoretical background on how to process our own scientific work. Then, we designed our own research topic, developed a questionnaire survey, collected and analysed data, and at the end, we wrote the final paper.

Thanks to the intensive teamwork we all got to know better each other soon and our Khmer friends showed us much from their culture. Besides working together, we also cooked, sang, danced, and simply had good times that we will never forget.

My participation in Summer School gave me much more experience than I expected. I am sure everything that I have learned will be crucial for me when writing my diploma thesis. However, I think I will find it useful in my both professional and personal life as well.

I can highly recommend to all students at CULS to apply for the Summer School. I can promise you that you will get more than you can even imagine.

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