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Summer School in Cambodia

Why did I want to go to summer school in Cambodia? I saw the possibility to study in Cambodia as great experiences. The main reason why I wanted to study in this country was to learn to find information for scientific articles, analyze scientific information etc. I think it could help me with writing my bachelor thesis. Other reason was to know very different part of the continent. I like kindness and friendly people who are typical for this part of the world and I would like to learn more about this culture. I would like to know another educational system. As another positive thing, I see improved in my communication in English and autonomy.

What about my feelings about Summer School in Cambodia? Two weeks in Cambodia was the best time spent. During school, I learned a lot of information I use writing my bachelor thesis. But the best part of summer school was time spent with Cambodian students. We had a lot of activities outside of school, such as trips, common cooking of our typical cuisine. We enjoyed the last day on the campus with cooking, karaoke and later a common dinner in town.  I would like to remember about these two weeks and I would like to repeat the Summer School in Cambodia.

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