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Cambodia Summer School

I signed up for Cambodia Summer school for many reasons. I wanted to get to know a new culture, new people, learn new things and improve my English. All of this has happened to me. Cambodia and her people fascinated me.

We spent two weeks in the Summer school in Phnom Penh. We cooperated with the Royal University of Agricultural in Phnom Penh. Teaching in the first week ran through foreplay. We have known various programs for writing scientific papers. I find it beneficial. It will certainly help me write my diploma thesis. Then we were divided into smaller groups. We received roughly 60 questionnaires for each group. Questionnaires focused on tourists and their knowledge of Khmer cuisine. One day we visited famous tourist sites in Phnom Penh in groups and asked tourists. For me, as a tourist, it was exciting to discover new places with our Khmer buddies. In the second week of the school, we evaluated the acquired data and devised appropriate statistical methods and graphs for the final presentation. I think it was very beneficial for me to learn how to work with a group of people with different cultures.

On the other hand, we also enjoyed a lot of fun outside the school. We quickly make friends with Khmer students. They showed us the charm of the Russian market, the best market with everything in the city. They also advised how to bargain with traders. We made a nice afternoon karaoke when we prepared for them a bit of unconventional Czech potato pancakes (known as „bramborák“). They were atypical thanks to carrots, but they were great. We also enjoyed together the trip to Oudong. We got the certificates on the last day of the school, and in the afternoon, we had a final ceremony. They made typical Khmer dishes for us and we tried to prepare garlic soup and something like a meatball with mashed potatoes, followed by a typical karaoke party.

For me, the summer school was an unforgettable experience and I like to remember it.

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