The final phase of project Integrated Farming II in Zambia - ponds harvest

FTA experts (Jan Staš, Radim Kotrba and Petr Pudil) just started the final phase of the project Integrated Farming II” in Zambia (in cooperation with Mendelu University and Holistic Solutions) by conducting the monitoring harvests of the fishponds.

All four project’s ponds, which are part of the integrated agricultural systems, are working, fish (Oreochromis andersonii) are reproducing so the farmers can continue with the next production period. Due to the end of the dry season in Zambia, some problems occurred (low water levels, high temperature of the water, low oxygen level, predators etc.), but they were solved, or the recommendations were provided. Besides that, the ducks (Cairina moschata domestica), which were implemented in the ponds to help achieve nutrient circulation and increase the food security of the families are also in great condition.

Moreover, the additional trainings focused on aquaculture were conducted, mostly to deepen the knowledge of the field officers about the topics like: harvesting of the ponds, fish health monitoring, preventing predators impact, water management and control of its quality, duck management and feeding on fish ponds and others. The experts were also inspecting the development and productivity of established honeybee colonies by the model harvest.

Besides that, the experts also visited several sites with another partner – Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia within the projects "Agribusiness for LIFE – Livelihoods, Innovation, Food & Empowerment" and “Increasing productivity and supporting the development of mango, cassava and organic fertilizer value chains in Western Province” to see the progress of growing business plans facilities and to discuss the technical solutions and recommendations for the mango and cassava processing and production of organic fertilizers.

All three projects were supported by Czech Development Agency.

In cooperation with Embassy of the Czech Republic in Lusaka.

If you have any questions regarding the projects, please contact Jan Staš ( or Vladimír Verner (

And how does all this goes? Check the gallery below:

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