Integrated Farming II

Target Country: Zambia
Project Coordinator: Vladimír Verner
Project Team: Jan Staš, Zbyněk Polesný, Radim Kotrba, Anna Maňourová, Miloslav Petrtýl (FAPPZ)
Partner(s) of the Projects: Mendel University in Brno (the main coordinatorCzech Republic), Holistic Solutions (Czech Republic)
Donor: Czech Development Agency (CzechAid)
Duration of the Project: 2019 - 2021


Aim of the project:
To increase the income of small and medium-scale farmers by helping them to implement and develop an integrated approach to farming in the Western Province of Zambia, thus contributing to raising the living standards of local people. Small and medium-scale farmers in the Western Province will increase agricultural production and productivity through the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices.

Outputs of the projects:

1. The target farmers and stakeholders have built-up capacities in the area of an integrated approach and increase of agricultural production

2. Target farmers have increased sustainable crop and livestock production while managing the landscape sustainably

3. Target farmers have better access to production and agricultural inputs as well as market connections

4. Target farmers have better access to quality agricultural advice

The target group consists of 800 small and medium-sized farmers in a total of 4 districts (these already selected in the first phase of the project), 18 field workers of local ministries of agriculture and livestock (crop production workers, livestock assistants, veterinary assistants, workers Department of Forestry), the Ministry of Community Development (fieldworkers), the Ministry of Health (field nutritionists), 8 communities for the implementation of holistic management and 4 cooperatives or formal/informal associations and groups.

The final beneficiaries of the project are the agricultural population of the Western Province, living and farming in the affected parts of the 4 districts, which numbers approximately 2,500 households, which is approximately 12,500 inhabitants, including children.


  • Vladimír Verner, farm systems and value chains (
  • Zbyněk Polesný, innovation for sustainable agriculture and local livelihoods (
  • Jan Staš, the establishment of fish farming facilities, suitable fish processing technologies (
  • Radim Kotrba, beekeeping, poultry and goat breeding (

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