Strengthening of teaching, research and networking capacities at University of Barotseland in Mongu for agricultural development of West Province, Zambia

Target Country:

Project Coordinator: Vladimír Verner
Project Team: Miroslava Bavorová, Barbora Kulíková, Bohdan Lojka, Jana Lojková, Jana Mazancová, Zbyněk Polesný, William Nkomoki, Jan Staš, Jan Tauchen, Anna Maňourová, Mukelabai Ndiyoi (UBL), Mooto Mwimanenwa (UBL)
Partner(s) of the Projects: University of Barotseland (Beneficiary, Zambia), Caritas Czech Republic (Supportive role and synergy effect with other projects, Czech Republic)
Donor: Czech Development Agency (CzechAid)
Duration of the Project: 2018 - 2019


Aim of the project:
To improve teaching and scientific capacities of the University of Barotseland and their role in sustainable community development in Western Province, Zambia.

Outputs of the projects:

  • Evaluation of current processes, structure, management at the University of Barotseland.
  • Improving of teaching capacities of agricultural-oriented courses through involvement of Czech professors in teaching and preparation of supportive teaching materials.
  • Improved capacity of academic staff at the University of Barotseland in scientific performance.
  • Support of networking, cooperation with private-public-partnership.


Vladimír Verner, farming systems and value chains (

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