Prevention of Covid-19 Proliferation in Exposed Locations and Increasing the Resilience of Local Communities in Zambia (CORE4)

Target country: Zambia
CZU Project Coordinator: Hynek Roubík
CZU Project team:

Hynek Roubík, Jiří Černý, Marek Jelínek, Chama Theodore Ketuama, Stacy Denise Hammond Hammond, Johana Hrnková, Anna Chládová, Marie Kalousová, Veronika Schmidtová, Tereza Žáková

Project Partners: ADRA, o.p.s.  
Budget (CZU): 4,522,030 Kč
Donor Czech Development Agency
Duration of the Project: 2020


Aims of the project:

The project aims to raise awareness of Covid-19 protection and prevention in exposed locations and increase the resilience of local communities by increasing the capacity of households, health care and other public institutions through training and distribution of protective equipment and laboratory equipment, and by improving access to water through deep wells powered by solar panels and water distribution in Chirundu, Kalabo and Kaoma.

The project focuses mainly on vulnerable households (single women, people with disabilities, the elderly) and public institutions (hospitals, police, health centres, schools, markets, public transport).

Through coordination with key actors, in particular the Ministry of Health, community representatives and representatives of public institutions, extensive training will be carried out on the final beneficiaries of the project (1 500 households (9 000 individuals), 120 public workers (50 from public institutions (8 police stations, 6 public transport stations, 18 hospitals/clinics/health centers, 10 schools and 8 local markets), 50 volunteers and 20 community leaders. 50,000 households through the media and capacity building in the institutions. A total of 60 000 people) to raise awareness of Covid-19 prevention. At the same time, Covid-19 reports will also be developed and distributed to target communities.

Furthermore, the project will focus on increasing the capacity of target households, communities and public institutions for Covid-19 prevention through the distribution of protective and sanitation equipment and the provision of training.

The increase in the testing capacities of selected medical facilities will be achieved through the import of laboratories. These laboratories are compiled by experts from ČZU from laboratory components of Czech companies. Laboratories are mobile and therefore can be transported and operated on in remote rural areas where medical care is otherwise limited.

The last of the project's outputs is increased access to safe and adequate water resources for the target communities, which will be achieved by deep wells equipped with a solar-powered water supply system, building a water main and then training water and sanitation committee members for each installed water supply system.

Garant: Dr. Hynek Roubík,

Administrator: Ing. Anna Chládová,

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