Improving the Production Characteristics of Livestock in Kaoma District

Target Country: Republic of Zambia
Project Coordinator: Josef Holejšovský
Project Team: Richard Sovják, Daniela Lukešová, Girma Tewolde
Partner(s) of the Projects: Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Zambia
Donor: Ministry of Agriculture of the CR
Duration of the Project: 2007 - 2009


Aim of the Project:

  • Increased milk and meat production of Barotse breed cattle.
  • Improvement of veterinary care in Kaoma district.
  • Introduction of border inspection control at the border with Botswana.

Outputs of the Project:

  • Selected Barotse breed cattle animals with higher milk and meat production and/or crossbred of Barotse breed cattle with higher milk and meat production.
  • New and renewed Veterinary Camp Houses and their appropriate equipment newly constructed border inspection post at the border with Botswana.

Contact: Josef Holejšovský,

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