Join us for the online  Conference on Transformation of Higher Education in Agriculture

Conference which will take place on 12 December from 14.00 to 15.30 CET. The Conference is being organized in the context of the Collective Action (CA) facilitated by the Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation (GFAR) on Transformative Learning of Agricultural Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) that was launched this year. The CA aims to harvest and document the ongoing efforts to support the transformation of higher education for improved agri-food system transformation. It promotes the model of higher education based on experiential learning, ethical leadership, participatory curricula development, and co-research/co-innovation, with multi-actor participation, particularly of farmers and their organizations.


Programme Highlights:

  • Survey insights: Learn about the key findings from our recent survey, which will provide valuable insights on the status of transformation of higher education in the region
  • Sharing of good practices: Learn about innovative transformative education practices that are being integrated in agricultural higher education
  • Interactive multi-actor discussions: Learn about the outcomes of a Working Group on Transforming Higher Education and engage in a discussion on improving the integration of functional capacities (soft skills), innovative partnerships and enabling policies
  • Theory of change: Learn about how this CA will contribute to the transformation of higher education and how your university can engage
  • Future project design: Get an exclusive glimpse into our plans for a full project design in 2024

Ing. Jan Staš will give a lecture on behalf of FTZ at the conference.

Why attend:

By participating, you will become an integral part of our CA process, actively shaping and contributing to our discussions, and influencing the programme design. Your engagement, experience and insights will make a difference in shaping the future of our agricultural education system.


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