Lecture on Gender & Teaching –

Inclusion of the Gender Equality Sustainable Development Goal in Teaching


We are pleased to invite you to a special lecture Lecture on Gender & Teaching – Inclusion of the Gender Equality Sustainable Development Goal in Teaching; which will be presented by Dr. Marta Pena and Prof. Amaia Lusa Garcia from UPC Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. The lecture will be hosted by @czuprague as part of the EU-funded AGRIGEP Project.

Date: 25th January

Time: 13.00

Place: Lecture hall 116, Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences or online HERE 


What is the gender dimension and how relevant is it in the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate programs?

On the one hand, providing students with new tools to identify gender stereotypes, norms and social roles contributes to developing their critical spirit and acquiring skills that allow them to avoid gender blindness in their future professional practice. On the other hand, the gender dimension also allows teachers to pay attention to the gender dynamics that take place in the learning environment and to take measures that ensure that the diversity of students is taken into account.

This lecture will explore how the gender dimension can be included in the teaching of Agriculture and Life Sciences, a framed discipline belonging to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (called with the acronym STEM), an area of knowledge characterised for having a low proportion of female students.

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