Southern right whale in the changing world

Invitation to a Scientific Seminar of the Department of Animal Science and Food Processing. The event will take place on Thursday – March 14 from 2 p.m., room FTZ 116.

The southern right whale faces conservation challenges from historical hunting to climate change. With the molecular ecology approach, we have tracked its population structure and dynamics across time. The research confirmed the connectivity of the South Atlantic populations. Further studies of stable isotopes illustrated that South African right whales underwent a dramatic northward shift and diversification in foraging strategy. Considering further predictions of the significant impacts of global warming, the future of the southern right whales and other marine megafauna remains uncertain.

If you want to find more please join us and meet speakers we invited - Petra Nevečeřalová together with her supervisor Pavle Hulva from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Charles University, who are part of an international team of scientists investigating the situation of the southern right whale. In a series of scientific studies, they managed to illustrate what problems the southern right whale (Eubalaena australis) is currently facing.

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