1st year students from the faculty during the practical course ABI08Z "Field practices for special botany, zoology and ecology"

The field practice of special botany, zoology and ecology supplements lectures by demonstration of representatives of fauna and flora (mainly subtropical) in their habitat; sampling, preparative and preservation methods of biological objects are also demonstrated.

The student use the basic methods of monitoring, collection and preservation of flora and animals. They master the methods of sampling herbarium specimen, plankton, zoobenthos and fish, invertebrate sampling by sweeping, beating, individual collection, pitfall and light traps. They are familiar with Malaise and emergence traps. They monitor ticks by flagging, can work with Moericke´s dishes. They know the principles of Berlese-Tullgren apparatus. They can distinguish the site quality using methods of synecological analysis of samples.

During the course it is necessary to participates on three days field excursion and excursion to arboretum Truba in the Southern Moravia.

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