We made it to the finals of THE ADAPTERRA AWARDS 2021!

Please give us your vote and support the Pavilion of Tropical AgriSciences in the contest for the best adaptation solution to climate change.

Vote HERE and confirm your vote by email.

Thank you

Adapterra Awards 

We are looking for inspiring projects that help adapt our cities, homes and landscapes to climate change. We are creating a unique database of the best examples of adaptation measures, where both the DIYer and the professional can find inspiration. 

Instructions for voting: 

  1. Click on the link: VOTE HERE
  2. At the page presenting information about the building scroll down till you see dark-yellow box Hlasovat.  
  3. Put the tick in the yellow box. 
  4. After you put the tick, a static footer appears. Click on the button Hlasovat.
  5. Another yellow window will pop up on the screen. Click on Přesto hlasovat
  6. Fill in your name (Jméno) a surname (Příjmení) and your email address. Tick the first box underneath to agree with the Terms and Conditions of the competition and GDPR. 
  7. You will receive a message on your email where you must confirm your vote by clicking on the link:  kliknutím na tento odkaz. 
  8. You have given us your vote. Děkujeme! Thank you! 

The Pavilion of Tropical AgriSciences

The latest expansion of the CZU campus in Prague features the so-called green building – the Pavilion of Tropical AgriSciences - which is not only a facility with top-notch technologies and space for scientific research but prides itself with sustainable solutions to tackle climate change, such as smart technologies, water recycling or rainwater retention tanks, photovoltaic panels, and a green roof. The Pavilion now competes for the best solution to climate change with 18 other contestants, as selected by top experts in the Czech Republic.

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