Long-term cooperation with universities from Indonesia

The FTA representatives were honored to welcome the delegation from two Indonesian universities to our faculty on 5th March, namely the Rector of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Prof. Arif Satria, and  Vice-Rector for Planning and Partnership of Tadulako University (UNTAD), Prof. Aiyen Tjoa, accompanied by esteemed members from their respective institutions.

Building upon previous collaborations between FTA, IPB, and UNTAD (projects: EURASIA, ALFABET, SIMPLE), led by the FTA Vice-dean for International Relations, Dr. Petra Chaloupková, a longstanding cooperation has been established. Meeting our esteemed colleagues was a great pleasure.

The discussions were marked by fruitful exchanges focusing on future collaborations, further strengthening the existing Memorandums of Understanding. Following the productive discussions, both parties expressed interest in exploring new ways for cooperation and enhancing existing partnerships. Plans for joint research projects and academic exchanges were also discussed to solidify the bonds between CZU, IPB, and UNTAD.

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