Meatless Mondays at Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences

Are you aware of significant impact of your eating habits on the environment? We are! Therefore, we voted last week for joining our faculty to the global Meatless Monday campaign. 

The fact, which we have suspected for a long time, about overuse of natural resources and excessive consumption, has been confirmed by a recent study published in journal Nature. The study shows that the current global food system and the diet based on eating meat and other animal products is one of the main causes of climate change, biodiversity loss, contamination of drinking water sources and land use changes. The study recommends to significantly reduce meat consumption by 75-90% and other animal products by 60%.

Livestock production is a major contributor to global environmental degradation and climate change. In addition, the livestock industry emits huge amounts of greenhouse gases, even more than all of the world's transportation combined together.

"With our current lifestyle, we are crossing the boundaries of global ecosystems, so it is the right time to learn how to be a responsible consumer and think about what we can do to mitigate negative environmental impacts," says associate professor Jan Banout, the Dean of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences. The last dry years in the Czech Republic have shown us that climate change is not a concept that does not concern us, but that it can also affects our lives in an economically developed Europe. "And that is one of the reasons why we joined the Meatless Monday as a faculty, and our employees are committed to not eat the meat products during their working hours," he adds.

Changing the way we eat and reducing the consumption of meat and meat products is one of the most effective steps how to positively influence the things around us. The aim of the Meatless Monday global campaign is to highlight how crucial our day-to-day decisions about what we will and will not consume are in relation to the quality and preservation of the environment in which we live. 

Join the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences and go for one working day without meat!

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