Pavilion of Tropical AgriSciences wins BEST WORKPLACE SOLUTION adapted to climate change

The Pavilion of Tropical AgriSciences wins the best workplace solution category in the Adapterra Awards contest among projects adapted to climate change.

"We are very pleased with this award. Adaptation to climate change is not only part of the education and research taking place at the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences, but is also reflected in the sustainability of the "green" pavilion, which was designed with respect for the environment from the very beginning, "said Lucie Ackermann Blažková.

An important emphasis in the creation and implementation of the project was the use of renewable energy sources.

The faculty recently celebrated 60 years of existence at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague and last autumn opened a new Pavilion of Tropical AgriSciences, in which teaching began in full this year as a result of the covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you to everyone who supported us with their votes in the sympathy award. Unfortunately, we did not get it, but thanks to the expert jury's assessment, we won in the "Workplace Solution" category.

All awarded projects can be found HERE.

Source and author of photographs: Adapterra Awards, Partnership Foundation, Vojta Herout

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