We are pleased to invite you to join Summer Course with the theme of “Green Technology for Sustainable Tropical Agriculture”, which will be held on? August 16-28, 2021 Via Zoom Meeting

APPLY NOW, we are offering:
- Online Course
- Virtual Field Trips
- Final Project Competition

- 2 Credit Earning
- Transcript
- E-certificate

The topics of this course will cover:
- The role of agricultural engineering for sustainability in agriculture production
- Indonesia local wisdom in agriculture
- Tropical plantation production
- Precision agriculture
- Variable-rate technology
- Oil Palm Industry: Form Farm to Table
- UAV utilization for plant scouting
- Coffee and cacao production technology

Registration form:
Please submit the registration form by August 10, 2021.
Timeline and detailed information can be found HERE or in the attached file.

This summer course is organized by:
Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering (DMBE), Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, IPB University
Further inquiries: Dr. Lilik Pujantoro (; +62811196212)

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