A look back at the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences:

As part of the FTA OPEN DAY, organized to mark the 60th anniversary of its founding and held in the brand-new building of the Pavilion of Tropical AgriSciences, the new Belgian-born Dean Prof. Patrick Van Damme – was solemnly crowned with coconut, golden antelope bone and Pineapple, having sworn the following:

"We, Patrick the First, the first international Dean of the Faculty of Exotic Sciences, are seating ourselves on this fickle stool, which is maintained through the divine assistance of our scientific and scholastic clan (brotherhood and sisterhood). I will bear the allegiance to stability, unity, protection, and fullness of this stool and accept my mission against intrigue, subservience, despondency, unoriginality, thirst, and disgust. So help me, Femur and Pineapple.” and confirmed it by drinking three shots at once called tree “branch”. To accent symbolism of this anniversary, the walnut tree, variety Victoria, was planted to remind this day by its fruits in the future."

The event featured VIP guests; the Belgian Ambassador Grégoire Cuvelier and celebrity chef on fire - Hugo Hromas, who crafted some eland delicacies, to name but two.  Student conference was held, and international organizations based in the Pavilion, such as YPARD, Agrinatura, IUAF či Derbianus Conservation, introduced themselves. The Be Fair Association organized the popular International Fair Party that brings together students from different backgrounds; this year it was the turn of Cambodia, Colombia, Ghana, India and Nigeria to present and share their culture and culinary arts. A chilli pepper exhibition at the FTA´s very own Botanical Garden even offered a tasting for the brave ones who like it hot.

Photo by Petr Zmek, video by Matěj Janoušek, both from CAVP 

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