Call for FWO Review College Fundamental Research

The Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) is looking for international experts in different scientific fields to strengthen its expert panels. These panels meet once or twice a year in Brussels to evaluate research proposals submitted by researchers in Flanders. Panel members are top experts in their discipline(s) as well as generalists able to evaluate research proposals in their wider field of study.

Currently the FWO is seeking candidates to populate our Review College. The Review College is made up of highly qualified and experienced researchers who may be called upon to join an expert panel. Membership of the Review College does not commit you to serving in an FWO panel, but enables the FWO to contact you with an invitation to join a panel. The FWO expects to appoint at least 150 new panel members in this call (start date: 1/1/2022). Panel members receive a fee of 650€/meeting day as well as reimbursement of all their travel costs.


The FWO is currently looking for experts in all scientific disciplines.


Should you be interested in joining the FWO Review College, we warmly invite you to apply. More information is available on our website. This includes an overview of our different panels, your profile, our offer, the tasks of a panel member, practical information and the application instructions. The deadline for application is April 30 2021. The FWO strongly encourages women to apply.


More information can be found HERE.


Should you have additional questions, please contact us at

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