CELEP's Pastoralist Film Festival [2-3 June 2021] at the GLF Africa Conference

The film festival will consist out of 4 sessions, where during each session on average 25 minutes of film will be shown, followed by a short 5-minute talk by one of our CELEP speakers and a 15-min Q&A round with the public (fully in English). The agenda is as follows (below hours are in Brussels time zone GMT+2, online the hours are in Nairobi time zone GMT+3):

  • Session 1: Mining threats in pastoralist areas (2 June, 07:30 - 8:15) – KDF film (VSFB partner)
  • Session 2: Pastoralist livelihoods in Africa (2 June, 19:15 - 20:00) – a VSFB film from 2012 in Niger will be shown
  • Session 3: Speaking truth to power: pastoralists’ advocacy (3 June, 12:00 - 12:45) – no direct link with VSFB, but indirect in the past through land rights in Tanzania
  • Session 4: Global recognition of pastoralism and its future (3 June, 18:30 - 19:30) – Loupa Pius, a VSFB partner from Uganda will be speaking
  • Find the full conference agenda here:

Watch the film festival trailer below, developed by Patrick Augenstein (a filmmaker with whom we have been collaborating often recently, and we hope to continue doing so).

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