General assembly 2021 (ONLINE) Sustainable and healthy food

Background and context

In the coming decades, the world's population - and thus the world's food needs - will continue to grow steadily and the negative effects of climate change on food production will become increasingly apparent. Moreover, according to current forecasts, the “burden of disease” related to nutrition - both from overnutrition and undernutrition - will continue to grow.

The "food system" - from food production to food consumption - is increasingly under pressure from all these problems and must inevitably and urgently adapt to the pressing challenges ahead.

This will require creative solutions at all levels involved: agriculture, food processing, distribution, consumption, social context of food, etc.

The Superior Health Council pays special attention to these multidisciplinary dimensions of food in many dossiers and is also expanding its portfolio of activities in this direction. In this way, it wants to strive maximally to fulfil its mission in the area of nutrition and public health.

With this seminar - which because of the current corona situation will take place online - the Superior Health Council wants to contribute to the creation of a much-needed multi-sectoral dynamic that can lead to the development of new, resilient and socially supported sustainable and healthy concepts of food production and consumption.

It promises to be an exciting morning.
We warmly welcome you to join us.


Preliminary programme

  • Tim Benton
    Research Director at Chatham House
    United Kingdom
  • Mads Fischer-Moller
    Professor in Food Policy
    Leader of the “Future Food Systems Challenge Centre” 
    Scotland Rural College
    Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Marjolein Visser
    Associate Professor - Chargée de Cours
    Chair of Agroecology, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
  • Katrien Verbeke
    Social entrepreneur, urban food expert and founder of Let us

Practical information

This online seminar will be held on Wednesday 12 May 2021 from 10 am to 1 pm. Participation is free of charge. More info and registrations will follow soon.

On behalf of the Superior Health Council
Pr Jean NEVE, President

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