Invitation to the dissertation thesis defence of Rohit Bharati

We are pleased to invite you to attend the dissertation thesis defence of Rohit Bharati, MSc. on ”Exploring the Potential of In-vitro Polyploidization for Genetic Improvement of Medicinal Plants” (Department of Crop Science and Agroforestry, Tropical Agrobiology and Bioresource Management). Thesis defence will take place on 24.4.2024 at 10:00 AM, Meeting Room 313 FTA.

The thesis delves into the significance of medicinal plants throughout human history and the challenges faced in their breeding and research due to time and resource constraints. It proposes synthetic polyploidization as a viable solution to expedite the breeding process and enhance the traits of medicinal plants. The study focuses on several important medicinal plant species, including spearmint, lemon balm, basket plant, and mini melon, along with Vitis spp., employing in vitro polyploidization techniques. Through the application of oryzalin, the study successfully induced polyploidy in the selected plants, resulting in significant variations in various characteristics compared to their progenitor genotypes. These findings underscore the potential of synthetic polyploidization in genetic enhancement, offering a pathway for the accelerated development of medicinal plant cultivars with improved therapeutic properties. The research contributes valuable insights to bridging the gap between traditional breeding methods and innovative approaches for sustainable medicinal plant cultivation and utilization.

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