Organization of the remaining part of the academic year 2019/2020 in the field of pedagogy

Due to the ongoing State of Emergency and the necessary measures in place for the COVID-19 pandemic, some changes have to be made to the academic year schedule. It is clear to us that the current situation increases the tension and stress to which you are exposed, so we aim to ensure that you - the students - are able to successfully complete the academic year.

Measures to ensure teaching and follow-up activities in the academic year 2019/2020:

Completion of teaching
For all undergraduate and graduate students, the studies shall be completed in the summer semester in online forms at planned terms (10th and 12th week of the semester), i.e. without extension of teaching to examination period of the semester.

Examination period
a) Students not concluding their study by final state examination in academic year 2019/2020
- For students continuing their study in academic year 2020/2021 the examination period will be organized according to the schedule (in the beginning of May - end of June). For passing exams and credits, the holiday period (until the beginning of September) can be used to an increased extent. This is already allowed by the Study and Examination Rules of CZU Prague;
- we will very likely still be in the State of Emergency at the beginning of the examination period, so online testing methods should be used.

b) Students concluding their study in academic year 2019/2020
- For the ending years (3rd year bachelor and 2nd year master studies) the examination period will start in accordance with the schedule, but will be extended until the necessary time before the final state examinations. Final state examinations will be moved to later dates (see below). The new exam period will be set separately by individual faculties and they will inform their students about these changes without delay.

State Final Examination
- Due to the latest information and estimates of the Ministry of Education on the availability of school premises for students at the earliest in the second half of May, the dates of the final state examinations will be postponed. Faculties are autonomous in this and will set new deadlines according to their needs (in the expected range from late June to late September). Faculties may adequately extend the deadline for submitting (uploading) electronic forms of final theses. The obligation to submit two copies of the final theses in a hardcover book binding is postponed by the Rector's Decision until the date of the final state examination.
- As soon as the faculty management sets these new dates for the final state examinations, they will inform their students immediately.
- Should a State of Emergency continue even at the time of the new final state examination, it will be possible to organize them in a special regime that minimizes the risk for students and committee members.
- In the event that international students cannot arrive in the Czech Republic by the time of final state examination due to ongoing restrictive measures, the organization of final state examinations for these students will be managed in the new academic year, which begins in October.
- Fees for longer studies will not be levied on those students who exceed the state-paid period (standard period of study + 1 year) in Czech taught programmes due to state and university measures taken in connection with the pandemic and term of final state examination.

More information about FTA dates change can be found HERE.

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