Our professor Pavla Hejcmanova become a "Guest Editor" in journal Forests

Dear colleagues,

Wildlife helps to maintain forests as functional ecosystems which allow us, people, to survive, get enough food, and stay healthy. Human usage of wildlife habitat is, however, increasing and, as a consequence, people’s encounters with animals rise. Ongoing deforestation and increasing intensity of exploitation of forest natural resources mean that human-wildlife conflict (HWC) has now become one of the most pressing threats to wildlife conservation, sustainable development, and human wellbeing.

People are nevertheless prone to develop positive interactions with wildlife. There is thus a way that may lead to mutually beneficial outcomes, enhanced conservation for endangered species on one side and alternative sources of income, job opportunities, and increased awareness for people on the other. There is enormous potential in the true challenge to turn conflicting situations into positive human-wildlife interactions (HWI).

Human-wildlife interactions have multiple dimensions and require an interdisciplinary approach to effectively mitigate the HWC, find meaningful conservation solutions, and implement functional coexistence and land-use policies where both people and wildlife are better off.

This Special Issue of Forests invites authors to submit original articles or reviews exploring edge-crossing perspectives of HWC and HWI in regard to the management of forests, plantations, and conservation of wildlife. We welcome papers expanding our understanding of ecological and social drivers of HWC, what land-use patterns trigger and foster non-desired wildlife behaviors, what management interventions support wildlife dispersal and reduce harmful HWI, and what local people’s perceptions and attitudes are critical for HWC solutions. We highlight connections between ecological and social systems.

Prof. Dr. Pavla Hejcmanova
Guest Editor


It's a great honour for me to invite you to contribute a manuscript for consideration and publication in the Special Issue on d“Human-Wildlife Conflict and Wildlife Conservation in Forests and Plantations” for the journal Forests, which may be of interest to you. As the Guest Editor, we cordially invite you to submit a manuscript for consideration and possible publication. Based on our invitation, we may also offer a discount of 20% on the publication fee.


*Journal*: Forests (ISSN 1999-4907; IF: 2.221),

*Special Issue*: Human-Wildlife Conflict and Wildlife Conservation in Forests and Plantations

*Submission Deadline*: 20 September 2021



All submissions are peer-reviewed, and accepted papers are published immediately without waiting for other papers in the special issue.

You and your colleagues are most welcome to prepare contributions for submission to this issue. Please kindly let us know if you are interested. And, help us spread the word about this special issue. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Pavla Hejcmanova

Guest Editor


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