PhD Thesis Defence of Ebenezer Donkor

We invite you to the dissertation thesis defence of Ebenezer Donkor on “The Impact of Producer Groups on the Adoption of Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Technical Efficiency of Small Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa” (Department of Economics and Development, Sustainable Rural Development). Thesis defence will take place on 26th March 2024, 09:30 AM, Meeting Room 401 FTA.

The study investigated the impact of producer group participation on the adoption of sustainable cocoa practices (SCPs) and technical efficiency among cocoa farmers in Ghana. By comparing members of different producer groups and non-members, the study aimed to assess the extent of this impact across various types of producer groups. A total of 458 farmers were sampled for the study, comprising 193 members of cooperatives, 144 members of farmer associations, and 121 non-members. Employing various econometric and counterfactual models, the study found that membership in producer groups, including cooperatives and farmer associations, significantly influenced the adoption of sustainable cocoa practices and the technical efficiency of cocoa farmers. Notably, the impact of producer groups varied between members of cooperatives and farmer associations. Additionally, the study revealed that the adoption of SCPs had a noteworthy effect on the technical efficiency of cocoa farmers.

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