Summer School 2024 in Cambodia

Join us for an Unforgettable Learning Journey in?southeast Asia 

The Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences announces Summer School 2024 in Cambodia, centered around the captivating theme: "Agro-food Systems Towards Green Technologies and Self-Sufficiency." 

The content of the intensive summer school will be divided into eight sub-sections, which will take students through the whole process of food product production from both theoretical and practical perspectives, leading to a final output at the International student food tasting day dedicated to a presentation including tasting and sensory evaluation, where representatives of the farms visited during the summer school will also be invited.     

Participants will improve their theoretical knowledge in agri-food systems and food sovereignty, green technologies and practical skills, as well as theory and soft skills (presentation skills, creative thinking, self-assessment) useful across disciplines and topics. Students will experience the production of food and products under laboratory conditions, which they will then place in the wider context of local production, market and marketing.   

Our summer school is designed to equip approximately 15 enthusiastic students with hands-on experience through Project Based Learning, all while immersing them in the rich cultural tapestry of Cambodia. 

Highlights Include: 

  • Theoretical part (introduction to agri-food systems, food processing, principles of preservation techniques, food safety, principles of sustainable agriculture, green technologies in agriculture, innovative technologies in food processing, importance of local production)   
  • Practical training in the laboratory, production of food products 
  • Soft-skills training 
  • Farm excursions 
  • Market excursions and data collection 
  • Data processing and sensory evaluation 
  • Presentations 
  • Multicultural environment 
  • Life-time experience  


When: 19th August – 1st September 2024 

Where: Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, and Faculty of AgroIndustry, the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), Cambodia 

Topic: „Agro-food systems towards green technologies and self-sufficiency”? 

How to Apply: Send your CV and motivation letter in English by 19 April 2024 (12:00) to email: 

Costs: Summer school participation is free of charge (covered by the CZU). Students are required to cover their travel costs and daily allowances.  

You can find some more practical information here.

Photos by: Ing. Miloslav Petrtýl, Ph.D. 


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