Would you like to run your own mentoring program? YPARD will show you how!

Would you like to run your own mentoring program? YPARD will show you how!

YPARD developed a mentoring toolkit, available online and free of charge which takes you from the very first stages of your first mentoring program to the final ones.

Over these years we also learnt a lot about coordinating a mentoring program - what worked, what didn’t and why. We remember thinking to ourselves: “wouldn’t it be great if all these learnings and resources were documented somewhere for someone who wanted to start their own mentoring program?”

We took what we learned and adapted it for other contexts, running face to face mentoring programs for youth in agriculture in Kenya, online mentoring for young farmers and women in business, conference mentoring for agribusiness incubation and many other programs. And here is is!

Coordinating a mentoring program: A toolkit for forestry, landscapes and other sectors is a how-to guide that synthesises a decade of learnings and resources from hundreds of agriculture and forestry mentoring programs implemented by Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD), the International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA) and African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD).

Through videos, templates and step-by-step guides, the toolkit covers topics such as:

  • how to choose a mentoring approach
  • how to find resources
  • how to find mentors
  • how to match mentees and mentors
  • how to build, maintain and end a mentoring relationship 
  • how to evaluate a mentoring program

You can access the mentoring toolkit online HERE.

For a printable PDF, please click HERE.

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